Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The last year

Well I haven't been very good at keeping up to date. A lot of things happened since last blog.  Sieben got married to Clary, Maylee turned 2, we performed in a musical review for the stake, Halloween, Christmas, Disneyland, Easter,  my litter sister and her husband had a baby girl and moved in with us,   and we are now expecting a baby boy in November.
 Here is an overview of pictures from August of 2011 to July of 2012.  Enjoy!


 Sieben and Clary's Wedding
 Clary and Maylee's Birthday party (they share the same birthday)

 Maylee's 2nd Birthday

Tea party with mom
Christmas Stockings

Christmas after church ( Timothy surprised me and didn't have to work.) 

 Fun with Christmas games at Mom and Dad Smoot's
 Maylee has gotten a supper attitude
 Maylee is very much a Daddy's girl

 We found out that Maylee is Supper allergic to dogs, cats, and rodents.
This is her reaction the after staying at mom smoot's overnight with the cat.
It lasted for 5 days.

 For Christmas Maylee got the Disney princess collection of Barbies
and a book about each princesses story.  We did grandmother dates
with both grandma's to learn about each princess before going to Disneyland.
I forgot to take pictures until the very last one.

 We had a blast in Disneyland, and Maylee asks to go back all the time.

Maylee swallowed a penny and we had to go to Primary
Children's  Hospital to get it out.  This is a picture of her
 with the Penny after it came out and her X-ray of before
 the penny came out. Lucky the radiologist was able to get it 
out after the 4th try and so we didn't have to do surgery.


Experimenting with Maylee's hair.  It was something I could
do while on bedrest. 

 Tamina with Allison (Emily and Trents little one)

4th of July parade


This is at my cousins wedding. They did a photo both as their signing book
I thought that was so clever.

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  1. That little maylee always looks so.darn.cute!